Drinks industry legend Adrian Hirst has announced he is joining Manchester-based Skinny Brands. In his new role as Sales Director, he will be working with the board, driving on- and
off-trade sales across the UK and EU markets. He will also work with the wider team to support strategic brand development.

Skinny Brands, creators of Skinny Lager, the great tasting, 4% ABV, 89-calorie lager, is one of the fastest-growing alcohol brands in the UK, aiming to create a new category in the
drinks market. Skinny Lager is unique in its offering, giving consumers an alcoholic beverage that is full of flavour yet low on carbs and calories, fitting in with an active lifestyle. 53-year-old Hirst is well-known in the industry for his work with Kopparberg, where he held the position of Global Sales Director. He was credited as the ‘driving force’ behind securing the Swedish fruit cider brand listings with leading distributors and retailers across the UK, which ultimately led to the brand becoming an industry leader in the brand-new category of
fruit ciders. Before this, Hirst also enjoyed a successful career at Red Bull and Interbrew.

Speaking about his new position, Adrian said: “It is integral to success that we surround ourselves with the right individuals – like-minded, motivated and experienced in the drinks sector. The Skinny team embodies these traits, which is why I was immediately drawn to the brand. “I feel very proud to have joined Skinny Brands, not only because I’m from the North West myself and feel patriotic about the brand, but because it is a new project that I’m keen to lend my expertise to.

“We have solid foundations and are aware that this is only the beginning of what will no doubt be a very exciting journey. Skinny Brands is a thrilling company to work for, and I look
forward to taking on the challenge of carving out a new category in the UK drinks market and educating consumers, which are at the heart of our business, on why and how our
proposition fits in with their lifestyles.”

Tom Bell, Managing Director of Skinny Brands, added:

“Skinny Brands have already taken the market by storm – Skinny Lager is exported to the likes of Italy, Norway, Russia and as far as Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and Australia, to
name a few. These are huge successes, but we want to continue driving this forward and make sure Skinny Brands products have a higher consumer awareness, starting with the EU
and UK.

“We have a solid foundation of awareness and positive feedback from our customers – 92% of consumers who purchase Skinny Lager will buy our product again, which is a really telling
statistic. We believe with Adrian’s track record we will keep this momentum going to secure more listings both nationally and further afield. Welcome to the team, Adrian!”