Skinny Lager & Sports Matches

With the Rugby World Cup final just around the corner, we at Team Skinny want to make sure that those of you watching from home are well-prepared for the big game.

So, lucky for you, we’ve devised an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide. Enjoy!

Fuel your body

During the big game it’s vital to stock up your body with carbohydrates, so get yourself down to the nearest supermarket and fill your basket (don’t forget your mates!). A real fan needs to maintain their stamina down to the last minute.

Put on your playing gear

You’ll want to be dressed appropriately for the big game. The most important thing is to always make sure you’re comfortable, whether it’s a casual polo, your team’s shirt or something a little smarter.

Arrive at your mate’s with time to spare

Preparation is key here – make sure you leave early enough to arrive in good time. Nobody wants to be stuck in traffic listening on the radio while your mates are already sat comfortably on the sofa.

Pre-match pep talk

Once you’ve got to your mate’s in good time, you’ll want to grab a beer and discuss the story so far – who’s had a bad run, any notable injuries – get yourselves caught up.

Warm up

A good warm-up means you’ll be awake and alert – be ready to stretch from the sofa to the table for your beer, jump up to celebrate or run to the kitchen to refill, whilst trying not to miss any of the action on-screen.

Stay stocked-up*

Make sure you’ve got enough beer stocked for you and your mates. A refreshing beer is the perfect beverage for a big game, so nip down to your local Tesco, Asda or Morrison’s – or head to – and grab yourself some SkinnyBrands Lager.

* Always drink responsibly whilst watching the match