What Makes Skinny Gluten Free?
What Makes Skinny Gluten Free?

What Makes Skinny Gluten Free?

In the USA the term ‘Gluten Free’ is not allowed to be used on a ‘Gluten Removed’ beer. Skinny Lager is Gluten Removed and is therefore officially described as a “product fermented from grains containing gluten and crafted to remove gluten. Gluten content of this product cannot be determined and may contain gluten.”

Meanwhile in the UK, EU and most parts of the world Skinny Lager is ‘Coeliac Society Certified Gluten Free’. This means that we meet the strict range of criteria as set out and closely monitored by the Coeliac Society to ensure that we are gluten free, both in terms of our ingredients and our production process.

This criteria includes testing for gluten using a UKAS accredited laboratory which we do for EVERY batch. Also our production facilities must meet the requirements of the AOECS Standard for Gluten Free Foods.

Our Coeliac Society certificate licence numbers are Europe GB 093 001 & Global CUK G 134.

There are two different production methods that qualify a product as ‘Gluten Free’. Either no gluten is used at all during the production process or the gluten can be removed to a value <20ppm.

Skinny Lager is gluten removed to a value of <10ppm (lower than the 20ppm threshold). We do this by exposing the beer to filtering enzymes during fermentation which remove the gluten at the end of the brewing process.

By being gluten removed, we can still use traditional brewing methods and this includes using malted barley (a gluten). This is important because by doing so we ensure that we are a full flavour premium lager.

What Makes Skinny Gluten Free?

In 2020 we were shortlisted for the Best Gluten Free Beer at the UK Free From Awards.