Calories in a Pint of Estrella Vs. Skinny Lager

Calories in a Pint of Estrella Vs. Skinny Lager

Brewed in sunny Barcelona, Estrella Damm is a globally loved beer due to its refreshing flavours, but how many calories are in a pint of one of the nation’s favourite beers? Here at SkinnyBrands, we recently conducted our own research on the number of calories in popular brands of beer compared to our own flagship product. In this blog, we’re going to analyse in detail a pint of Estrella Damm compared to our very own Skinny Lager.

So how many calories are in a pint of Estrella Damm? There are 224 calories in a pint of Estrella Damm. In comparison, Skinny Lager has 149 cals in a pint.

Read on to find out more about how Estrella Damm compares to Skinny Lager in calories as well as other dietary requirements.

How Many Calories in a Pint of Estrella Damm

By drinking a pint of Estrella Damm, you’ll consume 224 calories. This is because it contains a whopping 19g of carbohydrates. The number of calories would rise to 260 if you drank a 660ml bottle. 

Is Estrella Damm Vegan?

Although often considered vegan, Estrella Damm is NOT certified by The Vegan Society. This means that it hasn’t gone through the rigorous tests to be certified vegan, so you are better off opting for another beer brand that has the vegan-certified logo on the label.

Is Estrella Damm Gluten Free?

No, Estrella Damm is not gluten-free due to the fact that it is brewed using malted barley which isn’t removed during the brewing process. Barley contains gluten, therefore, Estrella Damm isn’t gluten-free. Instead, the company brews a gluten-free version of the beer called ‘Daura Damm Lager’.

Calories in Skinny Lager  Vs Estrella Damm

We’ve conducted research to find out the difference in calories, carbohydrates and ABV when you compare our very own Skinny Lager with that of Estrella Damm. We used independent 3rd party-verified testing and here’s what we found:

Skinny Lager (per 330ml) Estrella Damm (per 330ml)
Calories 89 130
Carbohydrates 3.0 10.9
ABV 4.0% 4.6%

As you can see above, Skinny Lager, at only 89 calories a bottle, has 32% fewer calories than that of a bottle of Estrella Damm. As well as this, Estrella Damm’s carbohydrates content is more than 3 and a half times higher than Skinny’s. So if you’re looking for a drink which is full-flavoured, but has fewer calories and fewer carbs, then Skinny Lager should be your go-to choice.

Full-Flavoured  Lower-Calorie Lager

At SkinnyBrands, we’re proud to offer a gluten-free, vegan and kosher lager at just 89 calories per bottle. We brew our lager using the finest ingredients and techniques to ensure that you have a delicious lager that doesn’t compromise on flavour or calories.

If you want to try our lager, browse our products or have a look at our FAQs page if you have any questions.