Skinny Fruit Cider

Bursting with a mouth-watering blend of juicy berries jam-packed into every drop, Skinny Fruit Cider is a refreshing serving of sunshine at only 89 calories per bottle, sugar free, 4.0% ABV, gluten free and vegan certified.

Too Good To Be True? Just Taste It.

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Why is it called ‘Skinny’?

Skinny Fruit Cider is called ‘Skinny’ because it has 50% fewer calories than other fruit ciders. That’s just 89 calories per 330ml bottle.

Is Skinny Low Alcohol?

Skinny Fruit Cider is a 4.0% ABV fruit cider and is therefore NOT a reduced, low or no alcohol cider.

What Makes Skinny Full Flavour?

Skinny Fruit Cider is lovingly crafted in the UK, delivering a vibrant blend of mixed berry flavours. Best served over ice, the juicy berries are jam-packed into every drop.

What Makes Skinny Sugar Free?

Skinny Fruit Cider is sugar free, with 100% less sugar than other fruit ciders.

What Makes Skinny Gluten Free?

Skinny Fruit Cider, is safe for people with gluten sensitivity to drink. Skinny Fruit Cider is gluten free both in terms of ingredients and production methods.

What Makes Skinny Vegan Certified?

Skinny Fruit Cider is Vegan Certified by the Vegan Society and must pass stringent tests in terms of its ingredients and production methods to ensure no animals are used in the production process and that there is no cross-contamination.

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