Skinny Lager

Every single drop of Skinny Lager is lovingly crafted in the UK using only the finest ingredients and brewing techniques to deliver a truly refreshing and full flavoured 4.0% ABV lager that’s only 89 calories per bottle/can, whilst also being certified gluten free, vegan and kosher.

Too Good To Be True? Just Taste It.

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Why is it called ‘Skinny’?

Skinny Lager is called ‘Skinny’ because it has 35% fewer calories than other premium lagers. That’s just 89 calories per 330ml bottle or can…

Is Skinny Low Alcohol?

Skinny Lager is a 4.0% ABV lager and is therefore NOT a reduced, low or no alcohol beer.

What Makes Skinny Full Flavour?

Brewed using conventional methods and plenty of hops Skinny Lager weighs in at 13 IBU. Not only is this higher than light lagers but it is also higher than many premium lagers.

What Makes Skinny Gluten Free?

Skinny Lager is ‘Coeliac Society Certified Gluten Free’. This means that we meet the strict range of criteria as set out and closely monitored by the Coeliac Society to ensure that we are gluten free, both in terms of our ingredients and our production process.

What Makes Skinny Vegan Certified?

Unlike most beers and lagers, we do not utilise animal by-products in our finings such as isinglass or gelatine when filtering our beer.

What Makes Skinny Kosher Certified?

Skinny Lager is ‘Certified Kosher’ by the KLBD.

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