Brand new fruit cider – half the calories and 100% less sugar

Brand new fruit cider – half the calories and 100% less sugar

A fruit cider with half the calories? It might sound impossible, but SkinnyBrands is launching a brand-new product, adding Skinny Fruit Cider to our 89-calorie drinks portfolio.

With 70% of consumers proactively trying to lead a healthier lifestyle (CGA Brand Track, 2022), Skinny Fruit Cider will match hero products Skinny Lager and Skinny IPA at 4.0% ABV, 89 calories per 330ml and will have 95% fewer carbs than other fruit ciders.

No longer just beer, this burst of berry flavour will be a welcome addition to our brand, meaning we can give even more people the chance to enjoy a refreshing alcoholic drink without compromising on their calorie intake.

Expanding into the cider market was a natural choice for us – since our brand was born, we’ve prided ourselves on filling a gap in the market. Now cider drinkers will be able to enjoy a reduced-calorie alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Our CEO knows a thing or two about cider, having previously worked in this category for over a decade. Skinny Fruit Cider will have half the calories of other fruit ciders – a natural choice for anyone who enjoys a fruit-flavoured drink but wants to watch their calorie or sugar intake.

By making the switch to SkinnyBrands’ products, consumers have saved nearly one billion calories (and counting!) Now, SkinnyBrands are offering even more options to consumers wanting to make alternative choices with a taste of summer sunshine all year round.