How To Make Your Own Beer Garden

How To Make Your Own Beer Garden

There’s no better feeling than enjoying a cold lager with all your mates in the local beer garden. Gathering your loved ones in one communal area to enjoy drinks and laughter is unbeatable. But what if you could create this amazing feeling in the comfort of your own home? Our experts are here to help give you backyard beer garden ideas and top tips for creating your very own beer garden which will have all your family and friends coming round to yours rather than the local pub!

So, how do you make your own beer garden? To create your own backyard beer garden:

• Choose the perfect spot

• Personalise the seating and tables

• Provide pub-quality pints

• Personalise it

• Provide pub grub

Read on to find out more about how to create your own at-home pub and our top tips and tricks to ensure you have all the right elements to create the perfect beer garden.

How Do You Make Your Own Beer Garden?

Creating a beer garden is all about trying to emulate those classic traditions that make a beer garden so beloved by the nation. The aim is to replicate these elements, whilst also putting your own twist on things which suit you and your outdoor space. We’ve highlighted in more detail below our top tips and ideas for creating your backyard beer garden.

Choosing The Perfect Spot

When deciding to create your very own beer garden the first, most fundamental choice you have to make, is deciding the perfect spot on where to build your beer garden. Deciding your budget will also play a huge part in this, as this will help you determine the scope of what you can do. For example, if you already have a patio space, then this is a great place for a bar set up and tables and chairs to keep everything level and avoid any spillages! However, if you only have a lawn you might want to invest in some paving slabs to give yourself a stable surface to build upon. 

From here you’ll want to build your very own bar set-up so you have a place to serve up all your new customers. If you fancy yourself a DIY expert, then there are plenty of online tutorials to build your own custom bar, such as this DIY guide which gives you step-by-step instructions. If you struggle with DIY, however, or simply don’t have the time, try contacting your local carpenter who can help create the bar of your dreams.

Pub-Quality Pour 

No beer garden is complete without a pub-quality pour; this is a key factor to really help emulate that pub feeling. Skinny Lager’s cans and Skinny Lager’s bottles are a great choice but if you really want to have the ultimate pub experience we recommend getting a draught machine. Becoming your very own bartender with a state-of-the-art draught machine is sure to impress your friends with a delicious pub-quality pour every time. 

At SkinnyBrands, we have both lager draught machines and IPA draught machines, so you can enjoy a refreshing pint of your favourite pub-quality drink right in the comfort of your own home. We even offer bar taps and towers and handles so your home bar can look exactly like your local pub. 

A Skinny Draught unit with Skilly Lager glasses on the side

Seating and Tables

There’s no point in building a bar if your customers (aka friends and family) have nowhere to sit down and enjoy their drinks and socialise with one another. There are many different routes you can take when it comes to picking your seating choices, whether you go for the classic pub garden benches or want to opt for something more stylish like stools. 

Choose something that works for you and can stand the weather conditions – like steel, iron or wood. You can decorate with tablecloths and seat covers but just make sure to bring them inside to avoid weather damage. 

Pub Grub 

Drinking can be hungry work, so you want to make sure you’ve got some classic pub grub to appease your hungry crowd. Now, we don’t expect you to whip up Michelin star-style food (unless you really want to), but nibbles are a quick and easy way to settle those drinking munchies. Some of our favourite home bar snacks include nuts, crisps and pork scratchings. 

Personalised Touches 

Now that you’ve got all the classic pub elements in your at-home beer garden it’s time to add some personalised touches to really make the place feel like your own. Some of our favourite personalised touches include:

• Get a handcrafted pub sign to hang up so everyone knows the name of your pub. You could go with the classic tactic of naming it after yourself e.g. ‘Carl’s Pub’ or you could name it after one of your favourite movie or tv characters.

• Decorate it to your own tastes. Typically, pubs tend to go for something neutral to appease everyone but this is your pub so you can decorate however you like. If you want it to be neon green, paint it neon green!

• Add games such as the classic darts or even a beer pong table so your guests can do more than just talk to one another. 

• Hang lights to give the pub a sense of character and ensure that the party can run long into the night. 

These are just some of our favourite ideas but feel free to have as much fun and creativity when personalising your at-home bar, at the end of the day you’ll always be its favourite customer!

Personalised sign, perfect for your own beer garden

By Made2Perfection on Etsy- £31.99+

Pub Quality Pint for Your Backyard Beer Garden

At SkinnyBrands, we’re proud to offer a delicious range of lower-calorie, vegan and gluten-free lager at just 89 calories per bottle making it the perfect choice for your summer beverage. We only use the finest techniques when brewing both our Skinny Lager and Skinny IPA, to ensure that you get a refreshing pub-quality pour with every pint you choose with us.

If you want to discover more about what we offer browse our products page, or check out our FAQ page for any questions you may have.


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