Is Cider Gluten Free?

Is Cider Gluten Free?

You might wonder whether cider is suitable if you are gluten intolerant or following a gluten-free diet. Depending on the content, some may be more suitable than others. So, is cider gluten-free? 

Yes, cider is very often gluten-free, as gluten-containing products are rarely used during fermentation or other steps of cider production. Yet, some ciders may add other additives or ingredients that contain gluten due to contaminations from other products made in the same factory. Some fruit ciders, such as Skinny Fruit Cider from SkinnyBrands, are specially manufactured to be gluten-free. 

Keep reading to discover what cider you can drink when you’re on a gluten-free diet and what ciders you need to avoid. 

What is Cider Made Of? 

Cider is made by fermenting apples using yeast, natural or added sugars, other fruit juices and sometimes artificial flavours. The cider is then clarified to remove sediments, such as yeast, proteins, and other small products, and to produce a clear colour. Some cider brands will use gluten-containing yeast or add gluten-containing additives. Because these ingredients are widely used in cider production, it isn’t always clear if you should avoid drinking cider if you follow a gluten-free diet. 

Can I Drink Cider If I’m Gluten Intolerant? 

Yes, but you need to be vigilant, as some cider producers will add gluten-containing ingredients, such as wheat and barley, to enhance the flavour. If the cider is made in the same facilities as gluten-containing beers, it may not be gluten-free as it could become contaminated. 

To stay safe if you have a gluten allergy, opt for a gluten-free certified cider brand. There are gluten-free ciders available on the market, but before you choose one, it’s worth knowing how it’s made to choose the right one. 

How is Gluten-Free Cider Made?

Gluten-free cider is made using gluten-free ingredients such as fruit juices, yeast and sugar in the production stage without adding any gluten-containing ingredients. It will be produced in a gluten-free factory to prevent cross-contamination issues. 

The cider is then filtered through to clarify the product and remove any traces of gluten. This keeps the great taste of the cider and produces a truly gluten-free product. 

Which Ciders Are Gluten-Free in The UK? 

The table below includes a range of gluten-free ciders that are available on the market alongside their calorie, alcohol and sugar content. 

Gluten-Free Cider Calories Per 330ml ABV %  Sugar Content (g)
Skinny Fruit Cider 89 4%  0g
Rekorderlig Wild Berries 172 4% 22g
Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime 175 4% 20g
Rekorderlig Passion Fruit 165 4% 20g
Kopparberg Mixed Fruit 179 4% 24g
Stella Artois Cidre Raspberry 185 4% 24g

Skinny Fruit Cider is one of the best certified gluten-free ciders sold online. While maintaining fewer calories than other brands, zero sugar, vegan-certified, and comparable ABVs, nothing is as good as a Skinny Fruit Cider. 

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Gluten-Free Cider? 

Here are some of the key factors to consider when choosing which brand to go for: 

  • ABV: The alcohol by volume is an essential factor for you to consider when choosing a gluten-free cider. Skinny Fruit Cider maintains a 4.0% ABV without compromising on flavour or sugar content. 
  • Sugar Content: As some gluten-free products will add extra sugar to improve the taste, it’s important to know the sugar content in the cider you choose. Reducing your sugar intake can improve weight loss or weight preservation. 
  • Calories And Carb Content: Carbohydrates are often added to gluten-free ciders to enhance the taste, so you need to be aware of the number of calories and carbs they contain.

Gluten-Free, High-Quality Taste With SkinnyBrands 

Skinny Fruit Cider is gluten-free, certified vegan and contains fewer calories than other fruit ciders on the market. And no, we don’t compromise on taste. 

Skinny Fruit Cider continues to be one of the best-tasting gluten-free, vegan-certified ciders in the UK. Why don’t you just taste it and see for yourself? 

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