Is Fruit Cider Vegan?

Is Fruit Cider Vegan?

You might wonder whether fruit cider is suitable if you are vegan or looking to follow a vegan diet. Depending on the content, some may be more suitable than others. So, is fruit cider vegan? 

Most fruit ciders are not vegan due to using gelatine as a fining agent and cochineal to dye their products. However, some fruit ciders, such as Skinny Fruit Cider from SkinnyBrands, are specially manufactured to be vegan-friendly. 

Keep reading to discover if some of the most popular fruit cider brands you love are vegan, with some surprising information about animal products in the process of cider fining and fermentation.

What Is Fruit Cider Made Of? 

Fruit cider is made by fermenting apples using yeasts, natural or added sugars, other fruit juice and sometimes artificial flavourings. The fruit cider is filtered to remove yeasts, proteins and other small particles using animal-based products such as chitosans and gelatine. Because these two products are widely used in cider production and are made using animal products, it isn’t always clear if you should avoid fruit ciders altogether if you follow a vegan diet.

Can I Drink Fruit Cider If I’m Vegan? 

Yes, but you need to be vigilant as some cider producers add gelatins or chitosans into the mash to create a clearer final product.

To stay safe as a vegan, you need to opt for truly vegan-certified cider brands. Some vegan fruit ciders are available on the market, but before you choose one, it’s worth knowing how the cider is made to choose the right one. 

How Is Vegan Fruit Cider Made? 

Vegan fruit cider is made using vegan-friendly ingredients such as yeast and sugar in the production stage without using an animal-based fining agent. The cider is then filtered through vegan-friendly alternatives such as bentonite clay or cellulose filter sheets during the clarification process. This keeps the great taste of the fruit cider without adding non-vegan ingredients. 

Which Fruit Ciders Are Vegan? 

Some of the most popular cider brands now offer a range of ciders that are claimed to be vegan, however, these ciders are not ‘certified vegan’. But why is this important? 

Why is Vegan Certification Important for Fruit Cider? 

Becoming a certified vegan cider requires the cider maker to pass stringent tests on their products and facilities to ensure that absolutely no animals are used in the production process. The cider makers also have their facilities and products tested to ensure that no cross-contamination will occur under regular, daily processes. As such, only the cider makers with the best vegan practices are eligible for Vegan Certification. 

Have a look at the table below to see which popular fruit ciders are vegan, alongside their calorie and alcohol content: 

(information acquired by 3rd-party testing)

Vegan Fruit Ciders Calories Per 330ml  ABV Sugar Content (g)  Certified Vegan?
Skinny Fruit Cider 89 4%  0g Yes
Rekorderlig Wild Berries 172 4% 22g No
Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime 175 4% 20g No
Rekorderlig Passion Fruit 165 4% 20g No
Kopparberg Mixed Fruit 179 4% 24g No
Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider  192  4% 26g No
Stella Artois Cidre Raspberry 185 4% 24g No

Skinny Fruit Cider is one of the few Certified Vegan fruit ciders available for sale in shops and online. While still maintaining fewer calories than other brands, zero-sugar, gluten-free tested and with comparable ABVs, nothing hits quite like Skinny Fruit Cider.  

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing A Vegan Fruit Cider? 

Here are the key factors to think about when choosing which brand to go for:

  • Calories: Calories are a key factor when drinking fruit cider if you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Skinny Fruit Cider has only 89 kcal per bottle, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing cider even if you are sticking to dietary requirements.
  • ABV: The alcohol by volume is an important factor for you to consider when choosing a vegan fruit cider. Skinny Fruit Cider manages to maintain a 4.0% ABV, without compromising on flavour or sugar content.
  • UK Made: Fruit ciders produced in the UK are guaranteed to give you an authentic cider experience, whilst also cutting down on overseas shipping costs and needless environmental impact.
  • Sugar Content: Reducing sugar intake has many benefits, including lowering the signs of ageing and aiding weight loss or weight preservation.

Vegan Fruit Cider With SkinnyBrands 

Skinny Fruit Cider is gluten-free, certified vegan and contains fewer calories than other fruit ciders on the market. And no, we don’t compromise on taste. 

Skinny Fruit Cider continues to be one of the best-tasting vegan-certified, gluten-free ciders in the UK. Why don’t you just taste it and see for yourself? 

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